This Oneness


Do you want to be happy, non-dual?
Find the suitable notions.

But why should I be One – not a separate mind and a separate body?
Why should I be One, how does it help, will the world around
become One, will the worlds of life and death
be separate no longer?
Will the world become a whole, which
I will not comprehend, because
it won’t be death, but it won’t be life either?

Where inside me, which point divides
matter and mind? Where is the first point,
where I am divided,
where is that very first point, where I am One?

Why should you choose between the two worlds – are they comparable -
the world of Things and the world of Non-things? Gather them then,
if you tell them apart!

How did the Greeks carry on, before Parmenides came up with the Being,
what did they have before that?

What is the problem?
What is the insoluble problem?
What is the insoluble problem of the human?
What is the insoluble problem of the cancer patient?
What is the insoluble problem of the man with a cap?
What is the insoluble problem of the human?
What is the insoluble problem?
What is the problem?

What does that mean –
a few thousand years of posing the same
insoluble questions?
It means the solution comes forth.

What does it mean to be One with the outer? To stop cognizing,
then you are One. When you cognize, you lock yourself in your cognition,
you slam the door to what’s outside. But why should you be One
with it? Why the insistence, such a stubborn insistence,
such a lengthy insistence, such
a futile insistence? It sounds like salvation, but it's not.
Like a means of immortality, but it's not. Like an escape,
like a rescue maneuver, likes a palliative, like a trick,
like a fiction, a metaphysical rebellion?
Such a lengthy and futile insistence,
as if a part of the puzzle is missing.

How, why all these questions with no answers?
How, why all these wonderful
questions, which
can not be answered by the asker?
How, why all these amazing
questions, carried
as a burden by this little human?
How, why all these magical
questions, which become answers with no answers,

That world has only time, no space, and therefore
it utilizes the space of this one to perform its miracles.
I wonder if it happens with the knowledge and consent of the latter
or against them?

I’m trying to impart vigor to the words,
because I hate when they don't function, but always,
somewhere at the bottom of the word there is
the principle of death, which curdles vigor,
makes the word unable to unfold, to open out,
brimming with life.

The wind won’t do the job, if not in the sails,
if in the water, the wind may topple the boat.
The water won’t do the job, if not in the dam,
if unharnessed, the water may flood the houses.
The rapture won’t do the job, if not in the head,
if in the heart or the legs, the rapture may kill the man.

The joy of the human - a folded eternity.

translated by Hristianna